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The total collapse of Sweden, and why every westerner should be paying close attention to their demise

CBN News released a video earlier this year which few people have seen, but  is incredibly powerful.
It’s all about Sweden… and immigration. For decades, Sweden has accepted more immigrants than the UK, France, and all the other Northern European countries combined.

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It has been one of the most immigrant friendly countries in the world – a title many leftists in the US wish was ours. But what happens to a country that welcomes everyone, all the time, regardless of who they are, where they came from, or why they’re moving in? Check out this video. It could be the most important 7 minutes of your day:

“The main problem in Sweden is that these facts are not openly discussed. The right, and the left, and the media, they’ve formed an iron cartel to basically censor negative facts about immigration and sort of highlight positive spin on this issue.” Sound familiar?
“If you say immigration is bad for the economy, you’re saying the same thing as the skinheads, so maybe you’re a racist… The social truth wins over the factual truth.”
Social truth. Social justice. What ever happened to actual truth? Actual justice? Are those still things?
And while yes, most of the immigrants coming to Sweden are Muslims, the overall immigration issue addressed here is much deeper. If we’ll let them, the simple facts from the video speak for themselves.
  • Jews are fleeing Swedish cities due to the dangers of violent anti-semitism.
  • Schools are not only failing, they’re also not safe for children.
  • Sweden has the fastest growing income gap (think wage inequality) in the world.
  • Free speech is being squelched.
  • Their economy is shrinking.
  • Segregation is rampant.
Sweden’s not creating a utopia with its free and democratic welfare state. It’s driving itself into oblivion.



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